Moving to Hawaii from the mainland? From Hawaii to the mainland?
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Household Moving Services

What’s the best way to move from the mainland to Hawaii, or vice-versa? Simple: trust the entire job — from door to door — to the same group of professionals.

For nearly four decades, Royal Hawaiian has made moving to or from the Hawaiian islands easier for everyone: whether you’re moving a one-bedroom apartment from the 48 states to the Islands, an entire household of furniture and belongings from the islands to the mainland, or an entire business in either direction, no one does it better.

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From the mainland to Hawaii: saying aloha to paradise

An island move isn’t like other moves, especially when you’re moving to Hawaii from the mainland. Things you need to consider go far beyond just when to move and where to move on Hawaii. For example:

  • What’s the best way to ship a car to Hawaii ? (And do you even need to ship your car?)
  • What’s the best way to move pets to Hawaii? (And what kind of pets can you even bring? For example, snakes are illegal in Hawaii and won’t be able to make the move at all.)
  • What’s the best way to ship furniture and other belongings to Hawaii?
  • What kind of homeowner’s or renter’s insurance should you buy in Hawaii?
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From Hawaii to the mainland: saying aloha to paradise

As most people know, a casual aloha can mean either hello or goodbye (it’s in how you inflect). So if you’re saying aloha and leaving Hawaii for the mainland, we’re sorry to see you go! But we hope to make your transition to the mainland as worry-free as possible.

No matter which of the islands you’re moving from or where on the mainland may be your final destination, you can be confident that Royal Hawaiian Movers and DeWitt will be with you every step of the way.

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The moving company that serves ALL of Hawaii

Some local moving companies are just that: local. They can only take you so far, and once your belongings are on the mainland, you may have to find help from another vendor. I.e., sometimes moving to the mainland can feel like two moves, but Royal Hawaiian and DeWitt make it seamless.

And if it’s your first time moving off the islands to the mainland, here are some things to consider:

  • Moving furniture from Hawaii to the mainland can be expensive! Sometimes, it makes sense to only bring what’s irreplaceable and leave the rest behind. You’ll find that costs for new furniture — and everything else — are lower on the mainland.
  • Moving a business from Hawaii to the mainland requires an end-to-end partner. The last thing any business needs is for business-critical equipment and systems to arrive piecemeal. Don’t risk delays that can be caused by relying in multiple vendors for your business move.
  • Don’t take everything unless you need to. In our 30+ years of Hawaiian moving experience, we have had more than a few repeat customers, people who moved to the mainland only to return to Hawaii as soon as possible. We offer storage on Hawaii for household goods and business equipment, so if you feel the need to “hedge your bet” on moving to the mainland by leaving some things behind, we can help.
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Local knowledge of the islands

Each Hawaiian Island is unique which can mean geographic and logistical hurdles but our local experts know the in-and-outs of different communities, streets, and neighborhoods.

Moving to Oahu

Oahu, “the gathering place,” is the most populated of the islands. And while that means it has many mainland amenities, it also means mainland liabilities, such as traffic and construction. Our local moving experts will help you navigate the ever-changing terrain of Oahu in the most expeditious and cost-effective way possible, helping you move in-time with Hawaii’s most modernized island.
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Moving to Maui

Maui, “the valley island,” has more geological variance than Oahu: moving to or from upcountry Maui requires an entirely different approach than a move to the Hana Highway area. Our movers understand these variances, and are completely equipped to address them all.

Additionally, our Maui moving team can address your moving needs if your destination or departure point is the smaller islands off Maui, such as Lanai or Moloka’i. Learn more

Moving to Kauai

Kauai, “the garden island,” with its population living almost exclusively in coastal towns, can present challenges in efficient travel along its one-lane roadways, and much more so should you move further inland. But Royal Hawaiian’s Kauai team has experience in moving households and businesses alike throughout Kauai, and also in serving our customers serving in the military who make, or plan to make, Kauai their home. Learn more

Moving to the Big Island (Hilo and Kona)

The Big Island, Hawai’i. While perhaps the most affordable of the Hawaiian Islands, the Big Island has challenges in that its residences and business centers are also spread across the Island. As noted, moving to or from the eastern side (Hilo) and the western side (Kona) present different challenges for all but the most experienced movers. Fortunately, when you choose Royal Hawaiian Movers, that’s exactly who you get.

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