If you’re moving to the Mainland from Hawaii, Royal Hawaiian Movers wants to Make it Easy. Since we know a thing or two about moving, we put together a list of 5 important things to know when moving to Las Vegas, NV along with some helpful links.

  1. Cost of Living

Hawaii is as expensive you think.

Hawaii living is the most expensive, so no matter where you move you’ll likely feel the difference of the lower cost of living. For a Hawaii to Las Vegas move your overall cost of living can decrease by as much as 50%. This drastic difference is primarily due to housing prices.  On Trulia’s national home prices page Hawaii’s average listing price is nearly $1 million while Nevada’s average is closer to $300,000. People making the move from Hawaii to Nevada are also likely to see noticeable reductions in the cost of food, transportation, healthcare and utilities.

  1. Commute

Vegas definitely has a reputation as a tourism hot spot, but the average Nevada commute is surprisingly … average. While the longest average commute in Nevada is 53 minutes in the city of Paradise Valley, the average commute statewide is 23.77 minutes. You can compare that to a nearly 26 minute average commute in Hawaii.

If you enjoy life in the fast lane, you’ll like going an average of 70 mph in NV versus an average of 58 mph in Hawaii.

  1. School

Moving to the Mainland may mean sacrificing a private school education for your children. According to a 2014 article by CityLab, Honolulu has the second highest private school enrollment in the nation. Las Vegas has the nation’s fourth lowest private school enrollment, according to the same article. However, in addition to homeschooling and private schools, Las Vegas offers both standard and charter public school, giving you more options. According to 2016 rankings by U.S News Hawaii ranks #36 nationwide and Nevada ranked #20.

  1. Weather

Based on annual averages Nevada is 20 degrees warmer than Hawaii. In terms of extreme weather and environment, Hawaii is likely to experience earthquakes. Nevada brings the possibility of earthquakes, blizzards and wildfires.

  1. Other

Here are a few other notable ways moving to the Mainland means a cultural shift:

Gun laws – The NRA Guide to the Interstate Transportation of Firearms lists Hawaii as a rights restricted state and lists Nevada as a shall issue state. The main difference is that government has discretion over issuing permits in Hawaii but in Nevada a law-abiding person need only complete specified requirements to receive a permit. It is also legal to carry in a gun into restaurants in Nevada.

State sales tax – The state tax rate (with a few exceptions) for Hawaii is 4%. Nevada taxes contribute to a number of state funds and total 6.85% statewide.

Odd laws – Of Course, every state has its quirks. Thanks to the”urban beautification” initiative of 1927 billboards are outlawed in Hawaii. There’s plenty of fun to be had in Las Vegas but using x-rays to determine shoe size could get you in trouble. In Nevada the use of a shoe-fitting fluoroscope also known as a pedoscope is a misdemeanor.

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