Do you often daydream about moving to Hawaii? Anyone who seeks tropical island breezes, gorgeous sunrises, strolls on the beach, and a warm and friendly community will be in heaven on Maui, since it epitomizes everything for which Hawaii, or tropical islands in general, are best known. Maui is also the type of place that will reward you every single day once you take the plunge and move here.

The Beauty of Nature

No matter where you live on Maui, you are never far from the ocean. You can find beautiful beaches in all directions, and you don’t need to plan a full day or weekend excursion to get there: All Maui real estate is located within a quick drive (or even walk!) to the beach. Once you settle into your new surroundings, you can even go for a morning run on the sand or an evening walk to relax after work, any day of the week. Beach excursions can also include some of the best snorkeling in the world — check out Honolua Bay, Honokeana Bay or Olowalu Beach to see some gorgeous tropical fish. There is also excellent surfing if you like riding the tall waves — and you can enjoy the ocean year-round because the water temperature stays moderate from season to season.

Hawaii is famous for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the water, but the mountains are beautiful as well: The West Maui Mountains, or Maui Komohana, are ideal for hiking and exploring nature. You can also find an abundance of spectacular tropical flowers on the island and enjoy their beautiful scents wherever you are.

Gorgeous Homes

There are plenty of Maui condos for sale, but houses and rentals on the island are also ideal for newcomers searching for a place to call home. The average rent is around $1,100, according to, and there is a wide variety of new constructions and older buildings that should appeal to your tastes. You’ll find many properties have outdoor areas that act as an extension of the home. You can choose whether you prefer to reside in the mountains or right on the ocean — or you might seek a place closer to the center of town, where you can take advantage of the great shops, restaurants, and nightlife!


It’s hard to beat the weather in Hawaii, since it is sunny nearly every day, especially on the south side of the island in locales like Kihei, Wailea, Makena and Westside Lahaina. Some areas feel a little more tropical because they get more rain, like Haiku and Hana — so consider looking for housing there if you like a cooler climate. You won’t find four seasons here, but you probably won’t mind once you realize how many days of the year you can spend at the beach.

Real Estate Maui Resources

One of the best reason to move to Maui is the warm and welcoming attitude of the community. The island culture is alive and well, and locals love meeting new faces and sharing their gorgeous island with people from near and far. It’s a beautiful place to move to, and there are excellent real estate resources here you can take advantage of, from tours of different neighborhoods to help to find home loans to moving companies that can help you get your belongings here safely – even if you’re coming from the mainland. You can also look into Big Island real estate if you’re interested in exploring other parts of America’s most beautiful state. People here are extremely friendly and laid-back — the “Aloha” culture at its best.

Great Housing Market

Maui has a fantastic real estate market, and it’s a better time than ever to start looking for your dream home! The island has a population under 200,000, which means you’ll have plenty of room to spread out. The properties are about 60% owned by residents and 40% rentals, depending on your preference. The median home price is about $480,000, a significant drop from 6 years ago, which makes it a very good time to look for a new home!

Home Variety

Worried about suffering from Island Fever? Don’t! With a wide variety of unique places to explore, it is almost impossible to be bored while living on Maui. In fact, most Maui residents are exposed to more diverse terrain in their weekly commutes and routines than “mainlanders” are in a month. From the mountains to the beaches to the colorful towns, Maui’s variety is unparalleled.

The diversity of the terrain mirrors the diversity in the homes for sale. Potential buyers will find a variety of styles and sizes when looking for real estate in Maui. The best part? Each home reflects the environmental diversity of the island, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the “Aloha” lifestyle. Beach and oceanfront homes are typically lavish estate properties for homebuyers looking to splurge and indulge in the ultimate tropical paradise. If you’re looking for a more authentic, traditional home, historic towns such as Wailuku and Lahaina offer old plantation and cane-style homes that can only be found on Maui. Finally, if one of the primary reasons you are moving to Maui is to live closer to nature, remote homes on the East and Northeast sides of the island may be the perfect option for you. These properties are often located off the beaten path and are powered by solar and wind-driven energy.

Are you interested in moving to Hawaii? Now is the time to start looking at real estate in Maui — one of the most beautiful islands in the world. You may find it difficult to imagine a better quality of life than being able to pop out to the beach or hike in the tropical mountains any day of the week. Get started on planning your dream life today, and check out some of the gorgeous condos and homes available in Maui.


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