Hawaii commercial moving services: to and from the mainland, internationally, and island to island
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Thinking about moving a business to Hawaii? If so, there are a few questions to consider:

When is the best time of year to move? How long does it take? And how long SHOULD it take? What can be shipped and what can be left behind and easily replaced in the islands?

Most importantly, how can you make this move with the least possible disruption to your business?

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Household Goods

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We offer dedicated moving services for:
  • Furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E): wrapping, packing, and shipping every item in your business: computer hardware, workspaces, lighting fixtures, and more.
  • Hotel furnishings: we’ll move everything but the walls, and treat your furnishings and installations with the same kind of hospitality you extend to your guests.
  • Office & Industrial moves: we’ll make sure that your office is moved without disrupting your business, and there’s no industrial equipment too complex or too heavy for us to transport.

No matter where, no matter what

Expanding a business from the mainland to Hawaii? We have the local moving expertise you require when your business equipment and furnishings arrive on any of the four major islands.

Relocating a business from Hawaii to the mainland or elsewhere? We have the ability to both help you wrap and pack every piece and parcel of your business, and get it to its final destination.

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Managing your move to and from Hawaii

Commercial moving services in Hawaii require a fair amount of planning, and the team of project managers and moving experts at Royal Hawaiian Movers can have in-depth consultations with you and your team before we begin in earnest.

We understand that delays equal dollars, and apply every bit of our 30+ years of commercial and residential moving experience to ensure your move happens in a timely and cost-effective manner.

And we also understand that it’s not just about HOW you move, but WHEN you move, and will do everything possible to ensure that the bulk of any and all moving activities takes place at a time that will be the least disruptive to your business.

Don’t worry about anything but your day-to-day business operations. At Royal Hawaiian Movers, we have moved businesses from the mainland, helped enterprises expand on to other Hawaiian islands, and executed commercial moves across most every vertical market and island location. There’s no commercial moving need too big or too small.

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Installation and storage services

For most commercial moves, shipping is only half of the equation. At the point-of-origin, there’s carefully wrapping and packing every piece of equipment, and we will provide all that’s necessary to both keep your cargo secure and to conserve shipping space.

At the final destination, most every business has installation needs as well, and Royal Hawaiian Movers can help with planning, configuration, removal, or installation of your furnishings and equipment.

Additionally, many commercial moves don’t happen all at once. Perhaps essential staff and equipment are moved first, with nearby storage space required for later arrivals or future business needs.

We have storage and warehousing facilities on all four major islands to you can be sure that when you’re 100% ready for your commercial cargo and equipment to be fully in place and installed, it’s 100% available.

In every moment of every commercial move, Royal Hawaiian Movers makes sure to put your business needs first.

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Ecological Diversity Can Mean
Logistical Adversity

Each Hawaiian Island has a singular natural splendor, which can mean
singular geographic and logistical hurdles.

Moving to Oahu

Oahu, “the gathering place,” is the most populated of the islands. And while that means it has many mainland amenities, it also means mainland liabilities, such as traffic and construction. Our local moving experts will help you navigate the ever-changing terrain of Oahu in the most expeditious and cost-effective way possible, helping you move in-time with Hawaii’s most modernized island.
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Moving to Maui

Maui, “the valley island,” has more geological variance than Oahu: moving to or from upcountry Maui requires an entirely different approach than a move to the Hana Highway area. Our movers understand these variances, and are completely equipped to address them all. Learn more

Additionally, our Maui moving team can address your moving needs if your destination or departure point is the smaller islands off Maui, such as Lanai or Moloka’i.

Moving to Kauai

Kauai, “the garden island,” with its population living almost exclusively in coastal towns, can present challenges in efficient travel along its one-lane roadways, and much more so should you move further inland. But Royal Hawaiian’s Kauai team has experience in moving households and businesses alike throughout Kauai, and also in serving our customers serving in the military who make, or plan to make, Kauai their home. Learn more

Moving to the Big Island (Hilo and Kona)

The Big Island, Hawai’i. While perhaps the most affordable of the Hawaiian Islands, the Big Island has challenges in that its residences and business centers are also spread across the Island. As noted, moving to or from the eastern side (Hilo) and the western side (Kona) present different challenges for all but the most experienced movers. Fortunately, when you choose Royal Hawaiian Movers, that’s exactly who you get.
Learn more (Big Island – Hilo). Learn more (Big Island – Kailua/Kona).